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A Like For A Like

In chapter 9 of the Content Code, Mark Schaeffer talks about something different than the rest of his book thus far.  Rather than the importance of your content, it’s the importance of your brand.  Although creating good content is important and the best way to get interactions with your media, sometimes what’s even more relevant is the person creating the content (even if your content’s not so great). Creating a “Heroic Brand” is important because it becomes a matter of people caring about your brand even more than your content and feeling the need to share what you create or have to say.

A point that stood out to me in this chapter was “The Heroic Brand and the magic of reciprocity” (145).  The idea that you do something for me and I do something for you is one that started way before the world of social media, but has become much easier in the world of social media.  A quote from Tom Webster said “much influence on the social web is built on a promise of returned favors” (146).  I think this concept stood out to me because it reminds me of the way people my age use social media a lot.  Personally, I have about 1,200 followers on Instagram and I know I can always count on my close friends to throw me a like and help me out. But, what about the other 1,990 followers? I have a big group of followers who are people I may only know from mutual friends or just because we both happen to go to UT. A common courtesy with many of these people has been created where I always like their Instagram even though it means nothing to me and they return the favor and like mine. The idea of returning a favor on social media is so simple its’ almost brilliant.  The more people you follow, the more that will probably follow you back. When you leave a nice comment about how cute one of your friends looked in their picture, they’ll probably feel the need to leave a nice comment on one of your photos in the near future. The more people’s photos you like, the higher chance you have of them throwing you a good old like on Insta.


One comment on “A Like For A Like

  1. cagecoleman
    October 31, 2016

    Although I haven’t read the chapter yet, I find this subject easy to relate to! I think reciprocation is often overlooked when thinking of social media and content marketing. Not only is it extremely effective in personal social media use, but also from a business aspect. Companies that support other companies on social media are often more effective and thus this should be talked about more!


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