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Tag! You’re “It”

In this chapter, Schaefer focuses a lot of attention on the individual, and what they may bring to the table in hopes of establishing a Heroic Brand. Two things really stuck out to me as I read the chapter. The first is a statement that Jay Baer made talking about how he can post/share anything and it will instantaneously receive 125 retweets or shares (151). The second, is Baer’s discussion of the “It” factor, and how everyone can have it.

The first comment I want to talk about is Baer stating, “It’s gratifying to be so trusted that this group believes it is in their best interest to automatically redistribute what I write. But I also find it frightening, and it’s not something I would ever do myself” (151). This got me really thinking about a couple of things including my brother who plays professional football, and this year’s election (two huge contrasts I know). Although they seem completely unrelated, both my brother and the presidential candidates have a huge following on social media. No matter what they post, they INSTANTLY receive thousands and thousands of retweets, shares, likes, etc.. This fact dips into Baer’s second comment about the “It” factor.

Throughout the chapter, it is stated numerous times that anybody can establish a heroic brand that everyone looks up and constantly shares their content, but there is a slight catch. Baer tells us that we can all become “It” but we must figure out where that “It” goes. He states, “The key is to figure out in which world or subculture your version of ‘it’ is valued, and ply your trade there” (154). In the case of my brother (Arian Foster), he often quotes famous philosophers and musicians, finding his niche in those categories. With Donald Trump, he built his campaign based on his subculture and is even in the running for president because of it. The biggest thing we can take from this chapter, is that there doesn’t need to be something your born with to be a hero. One can find their calling and build their heroic brand by taking the time, and patience to find the culture they influence the most.


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