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You Get What You Give


The Heroic Brand has several different meaning’s that were described in this chapter, but one that stuck with me was what makes a brand heroic is simply igniting who you are. Every person has a different passion, along with different life experiences that ultimately make us different from one another. In today’s society it is easy to get lost and caught up in another persons life or ideas. In this chapter Schaefer shares what makes a brand heroic, how it is built, the two words “branding” and “marketing”, and how to turn buying into believing. To be heroic you have to be likable, and many people with a high alpha audience that contain a large amount of followers are followed because they are true to their self and their brand. People like them because they are real, they act the someway they do in person as they are on the web. I thought this was interesting and relatable. I am a frequent social media user and have some friends that act one way online then they do when they are in person. I notice they feel more comfortable speaking their mind online as well as sharing content that may cause arguments with their followers rather then talking about it in person. If it is brought up in person they won’t talk about it much but on social media it is a different story. A example would be politics. Their expression and passion for a candidate can be seen throughout their accounts but when asked about it in person, their quiet. I see the web as a shield for them, they feel protected when discussing touchy subjects online then talking about them in person. It is easy to spot someone who is transparent to who they are and their beliefs because how they act online is how they act in person. A few of my Facebook friends on the other hand, act differently then they do in person. The more transparent and real you are on the web will reflect who you are as a person. I also liked Schaefer’s point of “give, give, give, give, ask” I think this is extremely relatable especially at my age and starting out in a career. You have to start out at the bottom and do all the dirty work, listen, and take on tasks that you might not ultimatley want to do but you are building a foundation and contacts/ connections so when you ask they won’t have a problem saying no.


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