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Cultural Media Channels

Social Media Channels are ways to put out content  and this is a very strong effective way.When putting content out there one needs to know what channels that most of their fans are into because not everyone will be able to see the content if it is posted on one particular social media channel. For example, some fans may use not Facebook, but only use Twitter so they need to be able to post it everywhere so their fans can see the content immediately and share this content with their friends or family.

For example, a company like H&M has different social media channels that they use to reach their customers on a daily basis. They have an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and a Google+. They use all these different channels to be able to reach all these people and share their content with them.

There are different ways that a company can find different social media channels and make sure that they are up-to-date with how they send out their content with their customers. They can research and find different channels and there are channels that may not be widely used in America that can really be used in a country like China or Russia etc. A company has to realize that every country is different and they need to make sure that they stay current.

According, to the textbook it was advised that a company can ask employees for help and it can result in some good ideas. In the book it stated that, “establishing a “social organization” is a long-term aspirational goal for many companies, but there’s no reason you can’t ask enthusiastic employees to help spread interesting, relevant content on their social networks.”(167) From this quote it shows that there is nothing wrong in asking employees for help to spread the word and tell others about the content that is out there. It helps and people will come into look at the content if it is someone who works for the company. They will trust the person because he or she is someone that is a representative, and as long as they are the ones in charge they try their best to make sure that their company always looks good outside to the public.

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