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Partially BADASS

Not only finding your niche, but using other methods is an effective way to reach new audiences. You might be hitting Content Shock, but no worries, BADASS has you covered.

Distribution – find new channels and focus on maybe one or two forms of media. Try to use content for at least 3 other purposes, make sure employees doing the sharing too, find the little sites, don’t overlook email, brandscaping (will probably use this for my job).

Advertising – organic vs. paid (I use this at work all the time to increase followers and reach), native advertising (interesting, has to be relevant content that equals quality or else it won’t work).

Promotion – don’t spam, use it wisely (find questions, use relevant business news sometimes,   link to content on other social media, use old content to promote new content.

SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) SEO ignites content, especially with specific keywords used for your business; link, content and promotion, really all about data collection.

Such an interesting chapter, I like how it broke down nearly every part I highlighted above. I really aimed to talk about the things that stood out to me the most. I’m not trying to sound like a know-it-all, but my job requires this kind of searching and work and I feel like i already knew about this stuff, but wasn’t aware that I was taking these actions. As I was reading this chapter, I would go back and think of the things I did at work that involved any of these strategies. Regardless, I am glad I read this. You can never stop learning.

I have to go find new channels! Back to work!


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