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Be Everywhere at Once

Distribution of content is a key way of attracting an audience. Once upon a time it was simply enough just to write a new blog post everyday like Mitch Joel and keep a steady following. However, times have changed and you must learn how to share, that is sharing your content on different platforms. Mitch Joel explains how he had to rework some of his material to make it work for different platforms but ultimately it allowed more people to see his content. It doesn’t always have to be an online platform, sometimes getting your content out on a medium that is completely different than online is great way of finding a new audience. Joel realized he “can’t keep all of my content in one place”. (page 165)

Promotion tactics can also impact your following greatly. Often time companies may be tempted to promote through every single one of their social media platforms. However, your followers don’t want to be blasted with promotions. “When promoting content, there’s a thin line between being helpful and being obnoxious”. (page 177) A good example of a group of people that know how to promote over their social media without being obnoxious is the Kardashians.

Whether you like them or not you have to admit whenever they promote a new product they make their followers feel like they are their friends. With each new product, they are letting you on secret like the would their best friends. On every one of their platforms they sell stuff but people are magnetically drawn to it because of the personal aspect which is the tenth step for promoting.

Here are the rest of the promoting steps: page 178

1.       Look for questions to answers:

2.       Using the social channels

3.       Include content links in your Google profile

4.       Link content on other social media profiles

5.       Make the most of unused real estate on business cards and other business properties

6.       Ignite snippets

7.       Participate in link roundups

8.       Promote new content within old content

9.       Join a content-sharing club

10.   Send a personalized note or email to bloggers in your industry


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