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E-mail: Ancient or Amazing?

Chapter 8 in Mark Schaeffer’s The Content Code discusses different ways of distribution of your content.  Having multiple channels for your content to be distributed on is a crucial aspect of getting your media out to the world and to the right people.

One particular thing that caught my attention in this chapter was when Schaeffer broke down a list of “actionable ideas” (165).  Specifically, I was intrigued by number 5, “Don’t overlook e-mail as a distribution channel for your content” (167).  I thought that was interesting because I think it is a channel that is definitely overlooked in todays age with all of the new and different media outlets we have.

Personally, I’ve unsubscribed from a lot of companies to lower my junk mail and am able to go through my Inbox easier.  But, I still have a good amount that I haven’t unsubscribed from because they’re the companies I feel I really want to know what’s going on and I feel the most connected with. Like Schaeffer said, it really may be one of the best ways to see who your Alpha Audience truly is.  For the few companies I am still subscribed to I would definitely consider myself a member of their Alpha Audience and their content truly matters to me. I’m most likely to interact with these companies after reading their e-mails and seeing what their latest deals, events or information is.\

All in all, don’t forget about the good old fashioned e-mail. You never know who’s reading.


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