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In the WHO– you know?

I’ll be graduating here in December, and the day comes closer and closer , I constantly consider the people in my network. I have done so many amazing things during my collegiate career in the sports industry, in hopes of finding my passion within the field, and to establish a network that would make beginning my career a little easier. Every professional I have encountered in the sports industry has all said, “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know” that will make all the difference in your career.

As Schaefer described in chapter 10, the market leaders, no matter the quality of their content, are the ones who appear first on the list. When I consider the thousands of qualified recent graduates who are applying for the same jobs in the sport industry as myself, I want to be one of the market leaders. I hope that someone who I have made an impact on, will deem me as such, much like Google, who decides which site are market leaders, and it will lead my resume to the top of the pile.

My alpha audience will be hiring teams, and it is my goal to have the spend more time reviewing my resume over my counterparts. Much like if I were a blogger, with their own site, it is my goal to have my alpha audience spend the most time on my site, viewing multiple pages while they are there, “dwell time,” as described in chapter ten.

In an almost chain reaction, the goal is to have “link friendships” that will remain loyal to my site when changes are made. Much like I hope to maintain my current network, and see it grow as I begin the new chapter of my life as a young professional. This hopefully will lead to “long term traffic” a level of consistent interaction with those in my network, the same way as PR professionals we seek to have consistent traffic on our sites.

The ultimate goal is to have a high content authority, that get my name at the top of the list, and my site and the top of the search. 😉shutterstock_60848422


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