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More distribution – More promotion

Distribution is a main aspect talked about in Chapter 8 of the Content Code. It mainly strives to get the message of the opportunity of passing an idea across. There are many ways to distribute an idea or service that you are trying to portray. My favorite examples that he gives in the book are to

  1. Plan for multi-channel content: this entails discovering where your users are online and finding out which social media sites they use to target this audience.
  2. Don’t overlook email as a distribution channel for your content: in todays day, social media has taken over. Most people don’t realize the severe impact that regular email can have. Almost everyone has an email address that they check, not everyone is on social media, so do not override this idea.
  3. Crowd source content creation and distribution: watching your favorite athlete, author, or singer share something on Facebook entices you to share it more. Getting someone with a known name to share your idea is a helpful way to expand your audience.

Advertising can become difficult when it is not done correctly. Paid media is an expensive form of advertising, but works well. Keeping an eye on who has viewed your post is a successful way in knowing your users. Pay per click (PPC) is the most common paid method. When a user clicks on the ad, the marketer pays for each click. Other forms of advertising include retargeted advertising, sponsored content, native advertising and social media advertising

Promotion is another way to advertise a product or service. Finding questions to answer within social media sites is a clever promotion tactic to help others know what you are selling. Of course, using social media platforms is another way to promote yourself including the use of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media is not the only way though, before social media existed many promotions were done through email or even personal letters. This can still be a successful form of promotion today because it has not gone away.

Search Engine optimization is essential to getting your content discovered. Great content is what is needed to get people to share what you post. There are a couple of examples that state why the audience is not increasing. Their popularity had nothing to do with SEO, the content was too long and the content was distinctive. Regulating the SEO can help your content become more shared and create a larger audience.


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