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Tell me Nothing but the Truth

When people are making a conscious decision about life they think about what people are saying. With bloggers we believe that some of them are right when they have some particular post that they are giving their opinion about.

According to the Schaefer it stated that, “Social proof is powerful in situations where people don’t have the facts they need to make an informed decision. To help resolve uncertainty, people look for clues in there environment to help them determine their best guess at “truth.” They assume the actions of others reflect the correct behavior for them, too. (192) With this quote it shows that people only make some choices based on what some people think because they trust their opinion because they feel they are right and telling them nothing but the truth.

When people are going to a club or to a bar, they go because of what people have said and what they believe is the truth. It is like reading reviews before buying a outfit from a store or buying art supplies from Amazon etc. Like for example, in the book it stated “Everybody in this room has an Apple computer. It must be a great computer.” (193) This example that was used is an example of what people think is the truth because of what they see or what these bloggers are saying.

The truth is most of the the time some people think that the amount of followers that one has determines their success but the truth is it does not. According to the book it stated that, “We may not like it. We may not even choose to admit it. But its disingenuous to suggest that number of Twitter followers has no impact on how you or organizations are viewed by the vox populi. It’s not a key performance indicator, its key popularity indicator.”(195) People need to understand that followers just shows popularity instead of success because the truth is one should not think that it is followers that determine how great or true a blogger’s content is.










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