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If They Like It I Will Too

The concept of social proof makes a lot of sense in regards to online and in the real world. The example Mark Schaefer uses in the book is if you see someone with many awards and certificates you are going to assume they are smarter and feel better about talking to them. This can be related to any time you pick a doctor or new place to eat, in our culture we heavily relay on the opinions of others. Social proof also depends on the risk of the situation, in a low risk situation you’re less likely to “ cross-reference information or check sources.”(page 193) More often than not we will just follow the numbers. This is definitely true, when I am looking for sources to check or videos to watch the first ones I’ll click on are the ones with the highest number because I believe that’s where everyone else s finding information.

“Symbols of traction make you want to be involved and buy in, whether it’s a restaurant, an online video, or a Pinterest page.” (page 196) This is true, we want to know that what is being put out actually matters and that it is as popular as it seems to be. The book list 10 ethical ways to have your contents credibility improved and here’s what they are:

1. Promote your content “ As seen on…”

2. Request endorsements

3. Take advantage of friends and family

4. Activate employees

5. Highlight testimonials

6. Promote Badges

7.Focus on powerful customer review

8. Keep track of your subscriber counts

9. Collect Kudos tweets

10. Publicize clients

Based on this list Schaefer believes that your content should be able to grow organically and give you th social proof your content may be lacking. However, be aware to not get to focused on simple just increasing your social proof continue to create great content that is worth following and grabbing attention.


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