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The more I read this book, the more I enjoy it! I feel compelled to write a review about it after reading this chapter. I have said it before and I’ll say it again– It’s all in the reviews! I am on the hunt to find a new apartment here in Tampa, and just as Schaefer said in chapter 9, I am using social proof to help me make my decision.

Yes, its a bit of a stretch to compare which blogs to read or which sites to trust to where you will live, but when making any decision, social proof is always being considered just on different scales. Signing a lease is a huge commitment, and I want to be sure I choose the right place. Going to visit these communities only goes so far, and current or past residents would have a better perspective, right?

Visiting a blog site, or visiting a new YouTube channel and seeing a high volume of subscribers would lead me and the rest of you to believe its worth looking around at least, searching the web and seeing a 4/5 star review rating on an apartment community is definitely worth considering.

It seems like common sense to feature your awards, honorable mentions, and high praises from other in the communication field on your site or blog, why wouldn’t you? I don’t see why on earth you wouldn’t. With so many options to choose from for people to get their information, skepticism is an easy way to weed out options. Seeing positive reviews, badges, “seen on,” testimonials, and kudos tweets makes the world of difference.

I spend an embarrassing amount of time watching YouTube videos, I am subscribed to at least 20 channels. I watch cooking videos, hair and beauty videos, vlogs, interior decorating videos, I search YouTube for research just as often as I search Google. The number of comments, subscribers, and likes/dislikes a video has determines if I am going to stop to watch it.

There are even websites dedicated to helping people keep a tracking on the volume of likes they get per day, week, month, and in response to what content. The consumer is really in control here, we decide what to like, how to review a product, and what we subscribe to, and let’s face it, most of us are tough critics. After reading chapter 9 we have to be, because it’s are duty to our fellow consumers who like me use social proof to make very important decisions! download



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