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The Proof is in the People


Social Proof is critical in providing credibility to your content and brand. Photo from 

Don’t just take my word for it – take theirs!

Social Proof is simply visual credibility, based on what other people say or think. If many people say they had a great experience with a company or brand, new customers are more likely to choose the brand with many great reviews. This is why reviews are such a huge deal online – they provide transparency and they public gets to decide if a company is good or not, based on their experience. People trust people, much more than they trust advertising or content produced by the brand itself.

At my current position as Director of Marketing at My Easy Mortgage, a phenomenal local mortgage brokerage in Tampa, my team is currently working on promoting our reviews from customers on a variety of platforms – LinkedIn, Zillow, Facebook and our website. A challenge that I have been running into, is synchronizing or centralizing the reviews. For Facebook, I can simply post a screenshot of a Zillow review, however for LinkedIn, reviews are designed to be posted directly by a customer. That means if a client of ours took time to write a Zillow review, they probably didn’t hop on LinkedIn and paste it there as well.

After we close a home, we send out an email asking our clients to review us on Zillow (as many people refer to Zillow before making home-purchasing decisions). I contemplated adding a sentence to the email to ask them to jump over to LinkedIn and paste it there as well – but I’m worried they will see that as an extra step and throw in the towel for the review all together. On the other hand, people won’t know how to help if you don’t ask. At this point, I am thinking we will design two separate emails– one asking for reviews on Zillow for some clients, and one asking for LinkedIn reviews from others.

Taking time to display what our customers say about us will boost our online presence with the power of social proof.


One comment on “The Proof is in the People

  1. cagecoleman
    November 7, 2016

    This reminds me of rotten tomatoes, and the reviews they do for movies. A lot of the times I hear that people won’t go see a movie, and their reason is, “Oh, it got 70% on rotten tomatoes…” Then I’ll watch it and actually think it’s good. It’s amazing how much power websites like these actually have. Same goes for influence, sites like these, yelp, and zillow all are big opinion influences.


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