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Will you read it if others don’t?

This chapter discusses the influence that social proof has on people. It starts with the example that if an article is tweeted 5 times versus 452 times, which are you more likely to read? Obviously the answer would be the article tweeted 452 times. But why is this? this phenomenon is the influence of social proof. This does not just have to pertain to online occurrences. When seeing people on a long line for a bar, you assume you should be going to that bar as well. Or if everyone has an Apple computer, you can assume that they are great computers. In the online world, “likes”, “favorites” and “shares” are very important. Sometimes content just becomes popular, because, well, it is popular. This almost reminds me of the Kardashians. What are they really famous for? They’re famous for being famous. It is true that popularity can bring popularity, but more importantly, what you do with it. Facebook likes and Twitter shares are great, but what you do with those likes and shares is what is going to create a message.

There are many different strategies for social proof. Some of these examples are:

  • Promote your content “As seen on…”
  • Request endorsements
  • Take advantage of friends and family
  • Activate employees
  • Highlight testimonials
  • Promote badges
  • Focus on powerful customer reviews
  • Keep track of subscriber counts
  • Collect kudos tweets
  • Publicize clients

I think that one of the most important strategies for social proof might be to focus on powerful customer reviews. This can definitely make or break a company. This happened to me the other day, where I called a locksmith I found on google and by the end when he was leaving he asked me to write him a review on yelp. I started thinking more in depth and thought about why he would want that from me. The reason I called him in the first place was because on google he had the highest ratings of all the locksmiths in Tampa. Its weird to see how much of a difference the public can make.


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