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Building Strong Authority

When bringing out content for people to read there are many things one must think about because putting all your information out for people to read can be very difficult but with just the right strategies it can all work out.

According to the book Schaefer stated that,”Authority is the one element of content ignition that is most out of your control, at least in the short-term. Although elusive, it’s also a factor of great importance because if you can attain the power of site authority, you also achieve a near-permanent advantage for content ignition.”(203) When it comes to authority one needs to know how to make sure that it is strong. It is not something that can accomplished in just a day or a week it can take years. There are 10 factors one has to consider when it comes to authority with a website and these are:

  • The number, quality, and relevance of incoming links
  • Age of domain – the older the site and the longer it has been in the neighborhood the more there will be trust towards these kind of websites.
  • Size of the website – One has to think about what type of information is on the website and the quality of all the information.
  • The number and quality of outgoing links -Here one has to think of who are thinking of targeting when it comes to linking the website to them.
  • Indicators of spam -Make sure you are not linking to sites that are spammy this is something that is seen as unethical and Google is not a supporter of such practices.
  • Link diversity -For one’s site it is better to have a small amount of links to valuable websites than for one to have numerous links to a lot of websites.
  • Anchor text diversity -It is advised that one should use keywords so when using links to get to the website it will b easy. Whenever people are doing a search they always use keywords to look for what they want on Google.
  • Speed – You have to make sure your site isn’t slow when people come to look at it they will not want to not leave the website because of how slow it is.
  • Temporary versus long-term traffic to the site – If the traffic of the site increases quickly then this may show that the traffic may have been bought and Google does not like this. When it comes to this factor one has to think about how they will get their content out there so they can build the income traffic into the website.
  • The accumulated page value – Here one has to think of the number of pages on the site and think of which of them is valuable. For example lets say a website has 30 pages one has think of which of the 30 are valuable pages.



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