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Links Everywhere

Page Authority.

Wanting to link to other pages that are well known, that have been around longer, that gained trust. It only makes sense. So that way people see that you’re relevant in those people’s lives that view that page, which will draw traffic to yours.

I use this for my own job.

I link other website and entertainment things to our posts all the time, especially if they have a huge following.

For example, this weekend I was doing a Facebook Giveaway for my company and the prize was one of five LG Smart TVs. In the online post, I tagged the LG company, and the post organically reached over 20k people. Just for linking to a popular company.

“When you consistently create content that is interesting and relevant to your niche, build shareability into your content, and develop an alpha audience who will ignite your content, you’ll inevitably increase your Page Authority.”

Also, quality. Good quality content is a key.

Our company doesn’t have a blog posting but I think we should create one. That’s another page for Google to index, as he mentions in the chapter. Another page to help increase authority and traffic to our website and dealership in person.


One comment on “Links Everywhere

  1. toriwarren95
    November 13, 2016

    Good job of making the blog more personal with a short anecdote!


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