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Quantity over Quality?


Building content can be tough but getting your posts to stand out can be even tougher. In this chapter Schaefer shares the mystery of authority. Authority is the one element of content ignition that is most out of your control. You can create the very best content and have great reviews but still not be able to have your page come up first under a google search, or even at all. I found this very relatable. In today’s ever so changing web it is very hard to find credible sources or just simply the answer to a question. As a college student having to write many papers I look to google to find top credible sources. I have learned that normally the first few links that show up aren’t always beneficial to what I am searching for, which can make the process of finding ¬†information even harder. The larger the web expands the more people upload to it. Google has become overcrowded with information, and ads. If you really want your content to be explosive now days one way to stand out is to pay your way to the top, having search engines promote your web content. This is becoming more common with online stores, local restaurants, etc. The problem with this is you aren’t always getting the best quality or source upfront, you have to dig deeper. That is where quantity over quality comes in play. The first few links that normally pop up when searching on google have much quantity as in reviews, blog posts, ads, etc. but that doesn’t always mean just because it comes up first or on the first page that it has the best quality (and most of the time it never does). The internet use to be easy and quick, but as time and technological advancements increase more people are turning to the web which is creating an overflow of information and content slowing it down.


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One comment on “Quantity over Quality?

  1. katherinebodouva
    November 13, 2016

    I agree. Being a college student today, and having to look for creditable sources online can be difficult at times due to the amount of quantity one would have to look through. It can be very time consuming and since today anyone can post whatever they like, it can be questioned if it is even factual or if it is opinion based. Hopefully, one day a creation can be created to filter out the information. For instance, like the ones you have when you shop on department store websites. (Ex: Most popular, low to high, sale, etc.)


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