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Gain Some Authority

Site authority is the last step to achieving “near-permeant content ignition.” (page 203) First let me explain what site authority is, it is the credibility that your site has over other that allows you site to rank higher when searched. This is important because depending on the formula used by a specific search engine, the amount of authority you have could be the difference between showing up first or second. The reason for this is the more people and followers you have behind you makes your site seem like the most reliable and accurate choice. It is important to remember that “The most important content did not rise to the top. The most important websites did.” (page 204)

Per the SEO authorities who are trying to understand the formula that Google uses to determine site authority came up with a list of ways to improve your sites authority. The list can be found on page 207 of the Content Code and includes:

1.       The number, quality and relevance of incoming links pointing to your content.

2.       Age of Domain: Older sites have been around longer so they are more trusted.

3.       Size of the website: plenty of quality information should be found.

4.       The number and quality of outgoing links

5.       Indicators of spam

6.       Link diversity

7.       Anchor text diversity

8.       Speed: slow websites can be penalized in their ranking

9.       Temporary versus long-term traffic to the site

10.   The accumulated page value

Also, if you plan on increasing you site authority you can start with the pages of the site. By improving each of the pages page authority through outgoing links. When someone who has a higher authority links to you, you get to gain more authority because you are now someone that is trusted by someone who has authority. The more you improve on the page the more you will see the effects in the domain number moving up too.


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