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Linked Up


Utilizing link strategy will add purpose and power to your Search Engine Optimization game. Photo from

One thing I learned from attending the BNI professional networking group is the ridiculous power of referrals. Through referrals in the last 12 months, this group has cultivated $138,591,320 simply by referring friends, family and customers to other trusted professionals within the group. When a member of the group hears that someone in their life has a need for a service, the member swoops in to the rescue and fills that need with a quality source. In this case, both parties win: the referral (group member) gets to be the hero to the person looking for help, and the referral recipient now has an ideal client. BNI understands that networking to just network is simply socializing. However, networking with a purpose is power. In fact, it’s money.

The same is true for links on your website and SEO. Links that link aimlessly to other mediocre content is simply just connecting pages. But, linking with the purpose to connect readers to quality content and pages with high Page Authority – now that’s strategy that can elevate your SEO game to play with the big boys. Mark Schaefer, author of The Content Code, describes some ways to jump in.

Links Going Out

Links going out…on a Tuesday. Or any day, really. Just make sure your links that are on your pages are actually linking to websites with high credibility. The bigger and juicier their content is, the more it helps your Page Authority in return.

Links from Friends

Reach out to your influencing friends to ask them share your content. Or better yet, design content that they can’t HELP but share! By doing so, you widen your content reach substantially.


Leveraging LinkedIn allows you to create content that is targeted to reach other businesses. Plus, Google likes it. Using LinkedIn Groups allows you to get connected with industries and create a close-knit community.


However you decide to craft your links – make sure you have a strategy in place.


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