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All about that rank

In Chapter 10 of the Content Code, Mark Schaeffer talks about the second “A” in BADASS. This A stands for Authority. Although authority may be the least important in comparison to the other five elements, Schaeffer explains how it can still have a large impact on getting your content viewed. Domain authority, also known as site authority or site rank, is how Google ranks your site on it’s search engine (p 204). So, if your site has a high authority it will appear at the top of the list when people are searching relevant terms in the Google search bar. The higher you are on Google’s search, the more clicks your site will likely receive. That’s why authority really does matter! It doesn’t matter who has the most important content, but rather the most important site (p 204).

This ranking of sites may seem like a bummer and you may ask yourself “How will I ever get to the top of Google?”.  Although it is a difficult task, it is not impossible and Schaeffer offers some of the factors that help gain a higher ranking (p 206). Here are a few I found interesting:

  1. The number, quality, and relevance of incoming links

Like we know, numbers are important! The more views, likes, and interaction you receive the better.

2. Age of domain

It’s important to know just because you made a website with good content doesn’t mean it’s going to automatically have authority.  You have to have patience and dedication to let your site grow and become well-known and gain it’s trust and authority.

3. Size of the website

Having more information and more posts will definitely help bring credibility to your site, but that doesn’t mean to bring crappy content!!

4. The number and quality of outgoing links

Be connected with the right people on the web. Schaeffer says, “are they the cool kids who have authority with Google?” (p 206)

5. Indicators of spam

If you have “spammy” sites or pop-up windows that will direct viewers away from your site and Google will not rank you as high as you may deserve.

6. Speed

How long does it take for your site to load and to navigate through it? As the Internet becomes faster, don’t get left behind!

Those are few of the factors that I found most important and interesting and are important to keep in mind when trying to up your ranking.


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