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Become Google’s Top Search

In the beginning of this chapter it discusses the importance of site authority explaining how Google comes into play. Even though a post may have more views/likes/shares than another post, the less viewed post may be shown on Google first. Why is this? It is thanks to Site or Domain authority. This means that it does not matter which specific post is more popular, but rather which website is. The SEO of Google gave a little insight of how site authority really works.

  • The number, quality and relevance of incoming links
  • Age of domain: older sites have been “in the neighborhood” longer and have had time to become trusted
  • Size of the website
  • The number and quality of outgoing links: who do you consider worth linking to? In networking terms, “who are your friends?” are they the cool kids who have authority with Google?

These are just a few of the many reasons site authority occurs. It also mentions page views per visitor, and the time spent on the site can all be increased by working on your Alpha Audience.

How do you improve this authority? The Domain Authority is an accumulation of all the individual rankings of the pages on your site, so you must start with improving individual pages first. Try making more than one website, this will increase your chances of Domain Authority. If you do have more than one website, definitely consider a link building strategy. By connecting these links, it will show users the different sites you have to offer, but also get your ratings up.

There are others ways for people to discover your site and ideas. This chapter discusses some ways to help you increase your following without trying to increase the Domain Authority.

  • Curation: subscribe to a number of helpful daily, weekly or monthly newsletters that summarize the best articles of interest.
  • LinkedIn: if you do a search for nearly any B2B company or business related topic its likely that one of the top search results will come from LinkedIn.
  • Groups of Influence: in every industry there are normally small pockets of online influence where thought leader’s hangout. Approach leaders in your industry with the query of trying to learn more.
  • Judicious Outreach: influencers are information junkies and love having the inside scoop first. They’ve probably arranged their lives to collect information about the things they’re passionate about so they’re poised to be the first to share at all times.
  • Be The Hub: “While most are trying to edge their way into a crowded space. I often wonder if it makes more sense to BE the space.



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