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Write. Share. Ignite!

What is a content transmission specialist? They are people hired for two, and mainly two, specific reasons

  1. They’ve grown up with social media and understand how brands need to communicate and network
  2. They have excellent analytical skills so they can understand the reasons a particular post or conversation ignites

Trying to create content that people actually want to read and share can seem impossible. Start to develop a checklist of daily, weekly, and monthly activities that will lead to greater social transmission over time. A daily content checklist for optimizing content transmission might include

  • Maintaining a comprehensive list of possible sites to promote the post. This will be people that have enough followers, that if they shared your content, it would be reaching more people
  • Creating proactive connections to people and businesses mentioned in your content – start tagging companies in your posts about them – maybe they will see and share with their audience
  • Monitoring Alpha Audience activities. Look for opportunities to connect with them, serve them, and celebrate their achievements on social platforms
  • Optimizing headlines following the guidelines in the book


Weekly ignition activities might include

  • Arranging phone calls and meeting to build relationships with online influencers
  • Organizing specific outreach activities to nurture new members of your Alpha Audience
  • Visiting and promoting Alpha Audience and Influencers content sites


Monthly ignition activities might include

  • Researching possible new influencers. Create an influencer database for your business
  • Evaluating new distribution platforms, social media groups, and niche bookmarking sites
  • Testing and advertising options and strategies


A business strategy does not just have one layer. Many areas of expertise go into creating a strategy that will work to reach an audience.  This chapter compares the similarities of a business strategy to American Football. The idea is to create a “hole” in the defense so the running back can take advantage of the opportunity to sprint through a pack of opponents and pick up as much ground as possible before the competition eventually swarms and stops the advance. Some of these functions include

  • Space: what is the point of strategic leverage?
  • Time: how long will the space exist?
  • Speed: how fast can you run through the gap and maintain the pace ahead of your competitors?
  • Strength: what special talents do you need on our team to take advantage of the gaps you find?


The internet has recently started to play a large role in the business world. We are soon to become an era of marketing without boundaries. We soon will no longer be constrained by page size or pixels. Marketing will be fueled by an emphasis on fun, immersive experiences. There’s virtually no limit to a person’s desire to have fun.


Sharing your content along with other people’s content can have a larger effect then you think. If it is worth reading, it is most likely worth sharing. People who follow you and share common interests might like similar things that you do. Not only does it give that person a good read, but it also gives the author more exposure.


Write, share, ignite!


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