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1st Down and 10 social media platforms to go

In Mark Schaeffer’s final chapter of The Content Code, he talks about the importance of content ignition and implication.  In today’s age of social media, jobs are being created for the exact purpose of maintaining social media content and using all of the strategies that Schaeffer taught us through The Content Code.  He discusses the daily, weekly and monthly ignition activities you may do in order to be successful at that kind of job. He also discusses how when he first got into the business he was required to make a 5-year strategies every year (p 220).  But, as technology has advanced it seems that everyday there are changes being made and its almost impossible to have a plan made today that would still be accurate for in even a year, nonetheless five years.  Schaeffer uses a metaphor that surprisingly resonated with me.  Football.

Schaeffer talks about how in the game of football the goal is to give your ball (the content) to the running back (social media specialist) and set them up with the opportunity to find a whole in the defense and take advantage of the opportunity to advance. When starting a football game the team usually has an idea of how they will achieve their goal, but after every play they must reconvene and decide what current strategy will work best.  Social media can be very similar.  With changes in media occurring everyday, we often need to reroute our plans and make sure we are keeping up with the changes that are occurring around us or else we will fall behind. Schaeffer says, “like the running back charging through a hole, your successful strategy is multi-dimensional, a function of:

  • Space: What is the point of strategic leverage?
  • Time: How long will the space (niche) exist?
  • Speed: How fast can you run through the gap and maintain the pace ahead of your competitors?
  • Strategy: What special talents do you need on your team to take advantage of the gaps you find?”
    (p 221)

Although media and football may seem like completely different things, when you think of media through this mindset it really makes sense! I think if you answer the questions of space, time, speed and strategy you are likely to have successful content ignition and implication.


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