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Ignite the Content

With content there are ways to check if people are viewing one’s content and if there is buzz about the content and if it is being share. There is the light and dark social channels  and most of the time with the light one can see if their content is being shared. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. but then with the dark social channels  it is difficult because of the way people communicate with each other. They use text messaging, emailing, or other private peer-to-peer platforms.

According to the Schaefer, “somewhere between dark social media lurkers and your “light social media followers is a third category that is rich in undiscovered marketing opportunity – Gray Social Media.”(223) There are ways for one to keep up with their content when it comes to these three categories and his gives a checklist for one to be able to check daily what the how many people are actually ignited by the content by either reading it or sharing the content.

According to the book on the check list there are points he listed on pages 217 and 218 and there are:

  • Maintaining a comprehensive list of possible sites to promote the post. Be judicious. Promote in places best suited for the content and don’t drink from the same well too often.
  • Creating proactive connections to people and businesses mentioned in your content.
  • Monitoring Alpha Audience activities. Look for opportunities to connect with them, serve them, and celebrate their achievements on social platforms.
  • Optimizing headlines following the guidelines in this book.
  • Finding ways to build optimism, inspiration, and helpful advice into your content.
  • Looking for opportunities to embed known “shareablility” advantages from Chapter 3 and 4 into every piece of content.
  • Making sure your content follows SEO basics.
  • Pitching content to appropriate industry syndication sites.
  • Determining if content could be shared through employee networks.
  • Working on short-term strategies to boost social proof.
  • Connecting with friends of the business who might appreciate knowing your content.

This is how one will make their ignition plan work so then they will know how to go about taking their content out there and making sure that it is all successful.


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