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Recovering From the Lies They Told

Everyone is recovering from the US presidential election, and most of us are going back to our normal daily lives. For the majority of us that does not include politics. I for one am very glad its over. This was one of the messier presidential elections and had an effect not only on what Americans were watching on television every night but also what American are choosing to buy, and what they’re choosing to boycott.

I read an interesting article on PR Week, and thought it was worth sharing and discussing. Click the link to read the article: So your brand is the victim of fake news. Now what?

As public relations scholars and professionals the last thing we want to read or hear about is fake news. As communications professionals the news should be only facts and completely non biased right?

In my opinion, people no longer get their news from traditional or credible news outlets. Blogs, vlogs, news websites, daily journals, and social media are now the majority of how we get our news. Many of us, are guilty of not having watch a major news network or local news network on TV for a long time prior to the election.

Unfortunately for major corporations like Pepsi and New Balance, the lies, told by these non-credible news outlets that millions of people are reading and viewing everyday are costing them quite a bit. Not only are these companies losing revenue in lost business, but their executive members are being accused of making statements they never said.

Reading this story takes me back to grade school, when someone told another person something about a person that wasn’t true, but everyone believed it, and shunned the person for it. It’s natural to pity and individual who has been lied on, but a major corporations that’s worth millions of dollars, do people have that same empathy for? It’s an interesting question to consider, and what about the writers of these lies? Knowing that the allegations aren’t true, do their readers consider then still credible sources? Is it even news?


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