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How Content Lost Power

While reading the first chapter of Content Code, one of the first things that stuck out to me was Schaefer’s point about how much the extreme amount of content overwhelming a user on the Internet today makes it practically impossible to even find quality content unless it has been posted on a site that has a large volume of visitors. I found Schaefer’s statement on smaller businesses finding it practically impossible to shine through the buckets of content to be particularly disturbing. With the Internet supposedly being the reign of free space and free speech in which anyone can become and do whatever they wish, nothing is more unsettling than growing to understand that even this vast “free space” is dominated and decided by money.

I was even more affected by Schaefer’s explanation that even Facebook, which so many small businesses rely on for their advertising and brand awareness, is dominated by conglomerates rolling in cash. For one, even a small business that has the funds to post a Facebook ad must now bend over to the will of the user, who is so overwhelmed with constant content that they simply turn a blind eye. As the daughter of a small business owner, this was highly discouraging and difficult to accept. I believe the true challenge behind making content “human” and relate-able is that certain businesses may not have what many people would consider to be understandable. According to Schaefer, our job as communicators working in the public relations field should be to find that sparkle in a business that creates a human connection within their content.


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