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All You Really Need is Friends

First off, I would like to start by saying that reading this “textbook” is the best homework I’ve had all year.  Mr. Schaefer’s ideas and tone are extremely intriguing.  I felt very connected to the content of this chapter because of the things I have seen and experienced during my internship.  Before I talk about my internship, Mark wrote something that caught my eye,

“Nearly every person on Earth is becoming his or her own personal broadcast channel,” (page 12).

I am realizing more and more each day that this could not be more accurate.  At one point having social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, was just a way to communicate with friends, to post pictures you may regret later on in life and to make silly statuses like “At Kelly’s txt me!”  But, somewhere along the lines these forms of social media have become an extension of our identity, what the world sees of us.  Because of the reach these platforms have given to our generation, what we put out there is a part of who we want the world, not just our friends, to know us as.  That is an extremely strange idea to actually realize and accept…

Anyway, back to my internship.  I am a social media marketing intern at a hospitality company in New York known as Lessing’s.  Based off of a marketing agenda I am sent each week, I am in charge of creating content for 4 restaurants.  I have learned, just as Mark says, “Content isn’t King.”  I would take and edit an awesome photo of a specific dish and upload it to the restaurant’s Instagram account and expect X amount of likes, however to my disbelief my picture received less traffic than an awfully edited photo that was uploaded days before.  It is so frustrating, but I understand it to a degree.  There are countless numbers of restaurants on social media, and a lot of them are marketing similar food, specials, and drinks.  So how do I make my content push through?  I’m still trying to figure that out day by day. What really got me going in this chapter was when Mark said,

Brand power isn’t coming through content, it’s coming from content shared by friends,” (page 18).

I am and have always been an avid believer of this statement because I experience it everyday.  Whether is a Facebook video of a recipe, or a clothing website on Instagram, the community on social media channels (my friends) are where I look everyday for content.  What they see, I see.  What I share, they see, and they pass on, and so on and so on.  This directly parallels the marketing strategy Mark purposes.  Consumers don’t want to be sold to and force-fed.  They want to be introduced by someone they trust, a friend, and in time they will trust the brand and the cycle will continue.screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-1-37-35-am

Library Cafe Instagram, my photo


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