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The Ever Growing Technology

It is odd to find out the many things that we as a person used to be excited about. How on page 11 he talks about how it took 10 minutes to download a photo from a phone and how we used to be excited about it and today that would just seem like it would be forever and we would just scroll past it without a second thought. He talks about how much we have changed as a society, as in moving forward in the digital world. How we can now get photos from phones within seconds rather than minutes. How far we have come along as a society in the 1920s with newspapers and radios and now we have flat screen televisions and smart phones.

The part hat stuck out to me the most was that, “ Because of the mobile revolution, by 2014 the amount of content consumed had been propelled upward by another two full hours a day. Today, adults in the Western World consume content an average of 10 hours per day!” This is astonishing especially that when Facebook started you would see almost all your friend’s posts. Now you will see about 7% of the friend’s posts. Every so often Facebook will update their settings and make something different where you will only see certain posts from certain friends. How now you can just easily pay to be at the top of peoples feed to be seen.


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