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The Struggle to Standout in an Over Saturated Market

In a sea of blue standard fish, how do you make yourself the red fish that stands out? Many markets are over saturated with content, so much so that yours may never be seen. In the text, Schaefer broke down what makes content more likely to stand out and how to “win the market” and also when the market is so saturated that you’ll likely to face resistant. Both of these concepts are very interesting because they are easily measurable and quantifiable.

First, I think some of the best information was his advice on standing out.

“Focus on sub-categories” (page 36). The importance of finding a niche market and thriving in it is such an important concept. Speaking to a less saturated, more specific market will get your content to the right people.

Another piece of advice he gave that really stood out was…“Content isn’t effective unless it moves. People have to see it, engage with it and share it-or you’re wasting your money” (page 38). Not only do you have to create great content-you need to make it great content the consumer can engage with…which I believe if often overlooked. 2 simple yet ideas that can make the difference in standing out in the sea of content.

Second, I think knowing quantitatively when the market may resist the content is very helpful. In the text, the author breaks it down in tears of Google search results. To have fewer than 10,000 returned search results give you a low-density market. Even up to 100,000 results, Schaefer is confident in the ability to permeate the market. When searches become higher than 100,000 results are when resistance starts to occur. With a quick Google search, it is simple to get a simple glance at saturation.

Two significant concepts that are in an easy to read and understand manner in the chapter. So… how do you become the red fish? Follow Schaefer’s advice and find a low-density market.



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