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Be Born to Stand Out


One of the most basic question to ask before starting a business builder is the most basic question of: How do I stand out? In the world of Google and the World Wide Web, it becomes harder to become more unique in the world. In the Content Code, the author, Mark Schaefer, helps break down how to be unique in the world, in which he calls BADASS.


The author does a wonderful job at explaining how to be the one people want to click on. He explains how to break it down to get to the top of what people are searching for. How to be able to become the top of the search engine when someone is searching for something simple that can bring up hundreds of thousands of results.


He breaks it down to a simple code called BADASS:

  • Brand development
  • Audience and Influencers
  • Distribution, Advertising, Promotion, and SEO
  • Authority
  • “Shareability” embedded into each piece of content
  • Social proof and social signals
    • (Page 39)


He explained how a simple phrase can bring up so many results and how to make the simple phrase become the top of the list using the BADASS method. He explained how a swimming pool blog, was twenty percent organic traffic and the other was pay per click. Through more blogging within 18 months it was able to 100 with all in content marketing and blogging.


The book shows how you can stand out when you want something to stand out. It is all about being unique and being able to be the one someone notices. Be the big fish in the small pool and make big things happen out of something small. Work the BADASS routine and it should be able to help with figuring out how to get your work on top.


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I am a communications major with a public relations minor and am a junior.

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