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Opposites Always Attract

In Chapter 2 of Mark Shaefer’s The Content Code, he points out something that was always right under the tip of my nose – Opposites Always Attract – in this case do the opposite of what is expected and you will find the gap in market satuaration.  How could I not see it before?

In an over saturated market, the key to success is not great content, but to find the niche where the content is lacking; the opposite of what one would think to do when trying to push their business or content out into the social stratosphere.

For instance, the book references an example about swimming pool blogs.  The initial search produces over 8 million results, however when you hone the search to saltwater swimming pool blogs there are less than 9,000 results.

Relating to my own experience, for my internship I have always been worried about creating the best content to post, daily, to different restaurant social media platforms that will receive the most traffic and social interaction.  I am always let down when my content gets a mediocre response, and I haven’t been able to resolve this.  After reading this chapter, I realized I have to change the way I think about this.

I have to find the gap in restaurant market saturation.  According to the National Restaurant Association, there are more than 1 million restaurants in the United States alone.  While I could easily categorize a restaurant as “Italian” or “Mexican”, those subcategories are still too large to cut through market saturation.

While I might not have the answer to my problem right now, I now know how to think differently about going around the issue in order to overcome it.

I must be one step ahead of consumers and research areas that lack content, so that my content has a fighting chance of making it to your mobile or laptop screen!





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