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Sharing is Caring

This week’s chapter of Mark Shaefer’s The Content Code discusses the importance of shareability.

A quote that specifically caught my eye is found on page 44, “Business results on the web don’t come from content; they come from content that moves.”

This is such a powerful statement.  Companies are always focus are creating great content; yet, they are missing the mark if their content is not shared.

He goes on to point out that a “like” is different than sharing.  I have always had a hard time accepting this, but it is true.  No matter how many likes I get or give out, unless they share my content or vice versa, the content isn’t moving.

When talking about shareability, my personal Facebook page comes to mind.  While Facebook is used for different reasons by different people, I use my Facebook almost strictly to upload personal photos OR share videos or photos buzzing around the Internet.  I do this so much, especially with Tasty Videos of varying food and drink recipes, that people will come up to me constantly and thank me for filling their feed with great content.  Another one of my go to favorites is puppy videos, because really who could ignore that face?

Schafer asks his readers to think about why we share the content we do (i.e Tasty recipes and puppy videos).  The reasons he gives are extremely relatable:

  • Look cooler/smarter/funnier
  • Struck emotion
  • Practicality
  • New ideas
  • Deep connection
  • Represents achievement

I constantly share content based on the ideas above, especially those that relate to looking cooler/smarter/funnier, striking emotions, or sharing new ideas.

In today’s day in age we rarely have to search for content, it comes to us.  For that reason, I believe that what we actually do choose to share speaks volumes to that specific company’s content being shared.

While I don’t always think about it in this way, the simple action of me clicking the “Share” button is pushing someone’s content as well as defining myself through my social platforms.



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