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In chapter 4 of Content Code the author Mark Schaefer SHARED many insightful tips on ways to drive viewers to content and get that engagement! His tip on making sure everything is always sharaeble stuck out to me. I am the type of person to share things that I believe reflect me as an individual. He talks about how if a share button is not easy to find, it makes it impossible to even share, or take the extra seconds to look. I have personally experienced frustration in not being able to quickly share content, and it immediately drives me to close the browser.

Schaefer points out the types of content people share. I looked to my own Facebook and Twitter. Overall I am most likely to share funny or cute things to my social media. Keeping these tips of what I am most likely to share can help me when I am creating content in my future. This tip is important from a business perspective. Being inspirational and selling happy content drives engagement. No one wants to be SHARING depressing content!

In Schaefer’s section on headlines I was intrigued by his tips. I have struggled over and over again coming up with witty headlines. Its comforting to know familar words in headlines like “food” “home” and “lifestyle” still top off at the most shared content. (77)  When it comes to headlines the pressure to reproduce can be difficult, but his tips are guiding as rules to follow.

Schaefer brings up an important approach on blog posting times. To see the configuations of the best times to post was extremely interesting to me. I liked how he pointed out that it depends on a lot of different factors. I think its important personally to have a day to post, and figure out the best day that drives traffic and shares. I will be taking these tips with me to my future career.


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