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Involvement leads to an ALPHA Audience

Chapter five of Mark Schaefer’s Content Code focuses in on building an #ALPHA audience. This chapter focuses in on building an #ENGAGING audience, and tactics that will get you there. Mark shares an interesting point about focusing in on these #ALPHAS. Creating these relationships is important for fostering connections. His story motivated me to create more powerful connections with my social media following. It is easy to think because one is connected on social media that the influence is there, but like he said you must expand on these weak bonds to foster a more positive in depth- relationship. Also it truly is important to not worry about the size of the audience, but the connections to ensuring an #ALPHA audience. I have seen this in social media accounts where I see a lot of followers, but not a lot of interactions on their posts. This could be due to a lack of an #ALPHA audience.

I found the section on companies invovlement with consumers very insightful on creating an #ALPHA audience. I personally love Go Pro and love how they get the public #involved. I have followed their social media for a long time, and it even inspired me to want to have a Go Pro. Seeing every day people using there tiny camera in different ways was just enough persuasion to make me purchase it. Go Pro does not have to do much marketing for their product when real customers are promoting themselves using it. I think this a more authentic relationship betweeen brand and customer.

J Crew is also a brand I’m familiar with. I had never heard of the #totewell contest, but after reading how to create an #ALPHA audience, these types of contests are great at promoting loyal customers for the brand. J Crew involving customers ito represent their brand makes customers want to wear J Crew. Getting an ALPHA audience comes from seeking loyal partnerships and influence, and J Crew was expanding on relationships that already existed while creating new ones.

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