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Borrowing Can Be Better

In this chapter of The Content Code, it is all about borrowing influence. Advocates with an audience already established can share content and help! When reading this chapter, I immediately thought of the people I follow on social media and how much of what I see are influenced sponsored posts. Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom is constantly posting about products she “uses”.

In the chapter, it says “Kim Kardashian will happily promote your content for $200,000 per tweet” (130). The crazy thing works. We as consumers most of the time believe subconsciously what they are saying. We scroll through social media, see sponsored content and sometimes end up trying the product or service they are promoting.

The chapter described 2 other type of influencers besides celebrities. The type of influencer that stood out to me most were the true advocates. They are already passionate and loyal to the content and or brand. Personally, those are the people I am going to believe. They spread the word about it because they actually believe in it. Schaffer describes them,

“true advocates might be the teen who makes videos of her shopping spree at your store, the skateboarder who is never seen without a can of Dr. Pepper  or even the quiet fan in the realms of dark social media who worships your work quietly and talks about it with her friends and family” (132-133).

The benefit of having a true advocate is pretty simple-you establish a long-term connection with someone who really does advocate for your brand! It also creates brand awareness because people are talking about it. While working on our current campaign, our client struggles with brand awareness. Which for a small, local or new business is quite often the case. Using a true advocate as a sort of ambassador could really work for our client and other brands too!


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