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Nobody Cares!

This week’s chapter of Mark Shaefer’s The Content Code, “Borrowing Trust” discusses the value of influencers and the use of their borrowed trust to a marketer.

On page 128 Mark goes on to say, “On the web, nobody cares where you went to college or how much money you have.  The color of your skin or your body mass index don’t keep you from connecting to people of your own terms.”

This is extremely relevant to how I use social media, so it immediately caught my attention.  I believe that statement to be true as Mark continues on to discuss influencers and their effects.

Fashion plays a large role in my personal life, whether that translates through online shopping, SoMe inspiration, or blog postings.  Often times I find the best new styles, brands, and influencers through Instagram – almost to the point where the fashion boutiques or style influencer accounts I am following outnumber the accounts of people/friends I actually know.  I follow these accounts and then look for others related to them.  This constant search and find has even brought me so far as to want to become an influencer myself, rather than watching others do so.  I have toyed with the idea for so long, I just can’t bring myself to expose myself, my life, etc. to the public eye, as well as commit to finding the time and creating a specific aesthetic.  Also, being that I am a social media marketing intern, I know that SoMe marketing is a full time job and not a hobby.  There is scheduling, analytics, feedback, etc. all to constantly attend to.

While this be the case, it was very interesting to learn about borrowed trust, especially that this is something I’ve thought about myself before.  If strategically planned, anything is possible.  As Stephen Covey once said, “Trust is the glue of life.”



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