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The Famous One Year Old

Chapter 7, “The Heroic Brand” in Mark Schaefer’s The Content Code has to be my favorite thus far.  It’s hard to just pick one aspect of this chapter to discuss because they were all so intriguing and relatable so I will hit on a few topics.

  1. Schaefer touches on a heroic brand known as Chris Brogan.  Brogan points out that much of his success has to do with the fact that he is the same person in person and online.  I believe this is an extremely hard thing to find now a days, especially among the millienials.  For some reason, growing up with the Internet has really affected my age groups ability to stay true to themselves both in person and through social media.  It is almost as if they are living a fraudulent life through their social media and how the world perceives them for it.  There are both positives and negatives to this.  The negative being you’re a fake and the positive being, many people have obtained jobs such as modeling or clothing reps from their social persona.
  2. Schaefer goes on to say on page 146, “…if you want more success promoting your content then you have to stop focusing on promoting your content.  Refocus your efforts on others.” This is vital.  Companies always focus on ways to push a new product, to excel past their competitor, yet they often forget that their consumers want to know that the company cares about them, their thoughts, concerns, and opinions.
  3. Probably the most relatable part of the chapter for me was when Schaefer discusses the emotional connections we make with bloggers, YouTubers, Pinterest pinners, etc.  Something Navy, the fashion blogger I mentioned last post has a child named Ruby Lou.  It was recently her birthday and of course the blogger shared every moment with us as she often does.  While I believe her child is super adorable, I do sometimes find it weird how every day she shares countless videos of Ruby playing, eating, all of the above…  However, to my greatest surprise, Something Navy had such a response from the world about Ruby Lou’s birthday.  University of Michigan students had their own party for the one year old.  Countless Instagram users wished the one year old Happy Birthday telling Something Navy that their own child watches her everyday.  I was truly fascinated by the response this little one year old got.  Although I have many emotional connections to the people I choose the follow this still surprised me.

What can I say, Happy Birthday Ruby Lou!

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 12.16.40 PM


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