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contentcodeStudents in PR Campaigns (COM 584) at the University of Tampa are required to write a blog post each week as a reflection after reading a chapter from Mark W. Schaefer’s The Content Code.

This is a personal post, so feel free to use first person when writing. Also, be creative in your topics, tone, and style.

The purpose of this assignment is to:

  1. Inspire students to think about and explore topics discussed in the chapter. As a PR professional, you must constantly be reading and learning new ideas.
  2. Become familiar with writing and posting blogs.

Assignment Requirements:

  1. Blog post must be related to the assigned chapter of the week. You can use one concept, example, or idea discussed in the chapter. Your post should not be a summary of the chapter, but more about what you found interesting or surprising, how you could apply it, and why it is important to the study and practice of public relations.
  2. Length: 300 to 1000 words
  3. Due at the start of class.
  4. Your post needs to properly quote and source items from the text or other sources.
  5. Must include an image with your post. Be sure to source and attribute if required.
  6. Use meta tags to identify the chapter and other keywords related to your topic.

See the course syllabus schedule for the exact chapter assignments per week.


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