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The Untimely Death Cycle

Schaefer has done it again.  This week’s chapter of The Content Code, by Mark Schaefer, was simply titled ’22 Practical Ways to Achieve Content Ignition.’  While some of it seemed repetitive, a few key aspects stuck on to me.

Schaefer’s second way, is to ‘Tear Down Walls.’  He shares that, “a large company found that removing the need to register for content increased sales by $300 million,” (page 71).  That is an unbelievable increase! While this may have happened for this specific company, it is not a science.  I respect though how Schaefer points out that if your industry ignites content why ‘throw water on the flame.’  It is true – no matter what people are going to traffic to your social sites whether or not you ask them for information – it might be a better plan to leave it in their ballpark if they want to share their information with you or not.

Next, Schaefer discusses the “death cycle” duh duh duh. According to research, “social sharing on a post is usually over by the fourth day,” (page 80).  How is that possible?!  He goes on to demonstrate that certain types of content, known as evergreen content, will defeat the death cycle.  There are certain types of content that consumers, viewers, readers, always want to see – no matter the upload date.  The industries that I believe cover this are Motherhood, Recipes, How To’s etc.

I believe many food industries can benefit from this type of “evergreen content” in order to separate them from their competition.  If a food company were to share a ‘how to’ content piece on properly cutting fish (vegetables, fruit) etc. they’re giving the consumer a piece of information that is useful to them, as well as a reason to visit their sites, establishment again.

Break the death cycle, and give you consumers something they care about!


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