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Keith Urban is amazing

Chapter Five of Mark Schafer’s, The Content Code, is titled “Building and Alpha Audience.”  To quickly summarize, many company’s focus on creating and igniting content, however they forget to build an audience, specifically an Alpha Audience.  Building an audience is almost more important than creating the content, because even if the content is mediocre, if you spent time building a loyal audience, they will still share that content.

Schafer curated lessons from many experts about creating sed audience in relation to content.  Here are the one’s I think I need to work one, (page 118-124).

  1. Speak to one person.
  2. Don’t publish when you should.
  3. Aim for allies, not fans.
  4. Give them everything.

These are each important in their own way.  When publishing I worry about how different age groups will perceive the same caption and how that will effect the content’s growth or share ability, but really I need to start to focus on one person and make that one person happy.  “Don’t publish when you should” is a hard one for me.  My social media experience is based on the scheduling aspect of a content calendar, but I get what Schafer is getting at.  Number 3 is new to me, however it makes sense.  Fans may not always be fans.  Fans also want something from you, whereas an ally looks out with and for you – they help you complete your end task.

Schafer’s reference to Keith Urban giving his fans everything is super relatable.  I’m an avid country fan and I know for a fact that those artists work their butts off from start to finish and throw in every song so their fans leave happy.  It really is so relatable when you see someone else doing something you know everyone should be doing – it’s like when a student gets up in class and gives the presentation the whole class should’ve as well, but they all slacked off so their presentation is lacking.  It’s important to put your all into everything you do but especially into content and audience building.



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