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Blessings and Curses

Social media is a blessing and a curse. What does that mean in this instance? It means that people who inculturate themselves within apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram … Continue reading

October 10, 2016 · Leave a comment

More Than Just a Follower

The Alpha Audience is an intriguing concept Mark Schaefer bring up in chapter five of the Content Code. This particular demographic are the fans who will not just stand there and support you but get out on the front line and do something for you…

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Take a Lesson From a Journalist

Mark Schaefer quotes Ann Handley, the author of Everybody Writes and Content Rules, in his book the Content Code.  When she creates content for her alpha audience she keeps in … Continue reading

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Celebrities Themselves are a Trend

This weeks Content Code chapters went hand-in-hand with our ‘Strategic Planning for Public Relations’ homework… What should Squeezes audience, influencer, endorsement be? Mark Schaefer describes the three types of influencers … Continue reading

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Helping Hands

In this chapter, we are taught about how important it is to actually build a relationship with your audience. It definitely makes sense because, unless I have some sort of … Continue reading

February 29, 2016 · 2 Comments

100,000 Followers? So What. I Have an Alpha Audience.

“The Alpha Audience—the fervent supporters who you can rely on day-in and day-out for support, ignition, and action—a rare breed” (Schaefer 102). This is the most prominent quote in chapter … Continue reading

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Better Brand Building

When reading the dysfunctional social media audience, I discovered that the Hillsborough County Government should convert its “weak audience into “stronger” personal relationships. HCC has a strong following on twitter … Continue reading

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Alpha Audience to the Rescue

The main concept of the chapter was the importance of an alpha audience, “an elite and engaged tribe at the top of the social sharing food chain” (97).  I found this interesting … Continue reading

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The only audience who matters: the Alphas

After reading this week’s Chapter, Building an Alpha Audience, I realized that every one of us has the power to build an audience from scratch, but its easier said than … Continue reading

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A loyal audience, is a good audience

Although creating content and gaining followers may seem like the hard part, Chapter 6: Building an Alpha Audience explains just how difficult (yet not impossible) it is to build a … Continue reading

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Follow Me Back!

Ever feel like getting people to pay attention and listen to you is tougher than anything? Well being in college and trying to “make a difference” is a struggle when … Continue reading

October 12, 2015 · 1 Comment

The Community Campaign

“Its not how many friends you have, but the quality of their friendship that counts.” Chapter 5 of The Content Code reminded me of this key life concept, just in … Continue reading

October 8, 2015 · Leave a comment

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