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Monthly Archives: February, 2017

Borrowing Can Be Better

In this chapter of The Content Code, it is all about borrowing influence. Advocates with an audience already established can share content and help! When reading this chapter, I immediately … Continue reading

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Involvement leads to an ALPHA Audience

Chapter five of Mark Schaefer’s Content Code focuses in on building an #ALPHA audience. This chapter focuses in on building an #ENGAGING audience, and tactics that will get you there. … Continue reading

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Keith Urban is amazing

Chapter Five of Mark Schafer’s, The Content Code, is titled “Building and Alpha Audience.”  To quickly summarize, many company’s focus on creating and igniting content, however they forget to build … Continue reading

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The Untimely Death Cycle

Schaefer has done it again.  This week’s chapter of The Content Code, by Mark Schaefer, was simply titled ’22 Practical Ways to Achieve Content Ignition.’  While some of it seemed … Continue reading

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Remember to SHARE!

  In chapter 4 of Content Code the author Mark Schaefer SHARED many insightful tips on ways to drive viewers to content and get that engagement! His tip on making … Continue reading

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How to Make Others SHARE SHARE SHARE!

The author pointed out a super important idea…you can not share something if the sharing buttons are not available! DUH! But, over half of companies do not even have social sharing … Continue reading

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1 in a million

The part that stood out to me the most was the part when the author Schaeffer talked about sharing posts. On page 47, he states that, “In fact, an average … Continue reading

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Sharing is Caring

This week’s chapter of Mark Shaefer’s The Content Code discusses the importance of shareability. A quote that specifically caught my eye is found on page 44, “Business results on the … Continue reading

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Opposites Always Attract

In Chapter 2 of Mark Shaefer’s The Content Code, he points out something that was always right under the tip of my nose – Opposites Always Attract – in this case … Continue reading

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Be Born to Stand Out

  One of the most basic question to ask before starting a business builder is the most basic question of: How do I stand out? In the world of Google … Continue reading

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The Struggle to Standout in an Over Saturated Market

In a sea of blue standard fish, how do you make yourself the red fish that stands out? Many markets are over saturated with content, so much so that yours … Continue reading

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