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Never Stop Producing

After reading chapter two “Structure, Strategy and The Content Code”, I focus my blog in three things that were the most relevant and important that can help you create and maintain successful in the things you want and like to do:

First Stick to a schedule: Continuity is key! A lot of my research before this class was through observation of YouTube. The successful channels had a schedule that required uploads 2-3 times a week. If they missed an upload day, subscribers would send them backlashing comments. Also, YouTubers who uploaded more times a week on a regular basis grew a fanbase faster than the others. A viral video gets you views on one video, but not a loyal fanbase.

Second stick to what you know. It is easy to jump into the mainstream market wanting to snag that instant popularity. With anything mainstream, you know that these are mere trends, which are fleeting moments. If you stray away from your main topic to ride that mainstream wave, you are diving into a saturated market. Your content is very likely to drown within it; only a few people rise to the top. I will build a stronger brand by sticking to what I know and going in depth because most people do not bother going into depth but instead chasing spotlights. Also while working with something you really like with help you create new ideas that will become unique in their own style with out following others.

Third Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Besides gmail and maps, Google offers an app called Trends. You can look up what is popular in what areas. I’m a bit new and need to learn to navigate my way through, but I see lots of potential. Picking out keywords does not always mean my content has to change. I just have to be smart and on top.


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